Document Scanning and Typing Services

In this digital age of business, more and more businesses are finding that they need to transition from legacy systems, which relied on paper-based documentation and paper-based filing systems, to more modern digital systems, usually stored in the cloud. Cloud-based file management is quickly becoming the gold standard for security, protection of confidential personal information stored in files, and convenient, anywhere, anytime access to important files. 

Capital Typing is here to help you with the transition with our document scanning and typing services. For large volume or ongoing document scanning projects, it can be challenging to handle the work inhouse. Such projects require specialized equipment and teams, and can often produce sporadic demand, which doesn’t fit well with the traditional human resource organization of most companies and are much better suited to the outsourced business process model.

We have the capacity to handle any volume of work, even with a stringent turnaround and additional processing requirements. We provide a comprehensive suite of document scanning and typing services, including related value-added services such as indexing and tagging, document management systems design, and more.