Direct Mailing Lists

When properly handled, direct mail is a high-profit, low-cost marketing, and advertising medium. Direct mailing list work is one of the most important elements of direct mail marketing campaigns – but it typically receives very little attention compared to other elements of direct mailing campaigns such as creative design or printing.

There are two basic components to direct mail campaigns: the target audience and the message. Targeted direct mail reaches a more select and receptive audience. It requires having access to a database that is not only large in volume, but also provides the selective flexibility needed. Most businesses’ customer databases are not maintained in the best of shape for direct mail programs.

The professional team of experienced data entry managers and data processing specialists at Capital Typing’s Data Entry Services and Market Research Department have experience in helping businesses develop their customer database and enhancing the precision and value of their current direct mailing lists. They will also help clients to build new direct mailing databases and to append additional data fields to existing direct mailing data files.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your direct mailing needs to Capital Typing are:

• We use state-of-the-art techniques and data entry software to “cosmetically” enhance your direct mailing lists.
• We eliminate de-duplication of data (a data processing technique to reduce double data entry in direct mailing lists).
• We will correct all poor data fielding, and make sure that all data is in the correct fields (address fields, company fields, etc.) to generate quality direct mailing lists.
• We can develop custom direct mailing lists to meet your specific requirements.

Capital Typing is a nationally acclaimed data entry and market research outsourcing company that provides a complete range of integrated office support solutions. Our direct mailing services are designed to enable our clients to market their goods and services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our solutions combine all the elements of quality analysis of the market, research of ideal strategies, and correct implementation. Quality Data is a vital part of the marketing process so that the efforts we put into creating the best marketing themes and tools ultimately translated into better value for you, our valued client. For fast and inexpensive marketing mailing lists, phone number lists, email lists, and direct mailing lists, give us a call today.