Lead Generation

The ability to acquire high quality leads at low costs greatly improves the return on investment (ROI) our clients are able to achieve from their investments in marketing. When you outsource your lead generation to Capital Typing, as part of a fully integrated outsourced customer support solution, we will design and implement a unique strategy to help you get the most value and results:

• Creation and management of mailing lists and call lists by best-practice methodologies in data entry, data processing, and data cleansing.
• Data validation and cleansing integrated seamlessly into the support process, using response patterns, including metadata, to confirm accuracy and constantly update records.
• Fully integrated smart technology for managing a turnkey system to manage contact information, campaigns, and support conveniently in a single place.

To handle lead generation the right way requires a depth of knowledge in data entry and data processing as well as support processes. This is part of the reason why at Capital Typing we are able to deliver such an unsurpassed value to our clients. Smarter lead generation gets better leads and more leads, with less effort, and less cost to you.