Medical Typing Services

Medical typing requires personnel who are trained in medical processes and terminology. We have deep industry experience, including:

• Medical billing and coding.
• Medical transcription.
• Medical typing and data entry.
• Medical office management and administration support, including patient support.

Capital Typing is equipped to deliver comprehensive back-end office support for any medical office. Whether your organization is a hospital, hospice, nursing home, clinic, physician’s office, or any other medical facility, we are here to help! Our smarter approach to medical typing services ensures that high-quality medical typing services are available throughout every process in your organization.

Throughout the medical office and supporting office processes, from marketing and new patient admission, through administration, and even billing and medical insurance claims processing, our medical typing services will be there, on-demand, whenever you need it. 

What makes the value we deliver at Capital Typing better than the competition is our deep understanding of your organization’s business process, including specialized methodologies, language, and compliance requirements. All types of documents that you deal with during your work, whenever they are presented in hard copy and must be digitized, simply send us the source file and you’ll receive back the finished file, correctly formatted, processed, indexed and tagged if necessary, and ready to use for your needs.