Data Formats

Data is simply the most important resource of any business, corporation, or professional person. For this reason, it is vital to be able to access important data. One way of making certain that data can be accessed is to provide this data in several formats. At Capital Typing, we have experienced data management personnel who will use their expertise to meet our customers’ needs for data conversion services at the lowest possible cost. Both electronic and print data formats can be converted.

Different tools are used to convert electronic data from its present format (spreadsheet, desktop publishing, etc.) to the format required by the client. To convert data in a printed format, we use the latest scanning technologies to convert printed data to digital formats (PDF scanning services, for example). Capital Typing’s Data Entry and Market Research Services Department do not rely solely on automated data processing solutions and data entry software. We use manual data entry clerks to check the accuracy of the converted data. Data quality is our main concern. The choice of data conversion methods depends on our customers’ specific requirements.

Our data conversion operations include:
• Scanning from hard copies, microfiche, and microfilms.
• HTML conversion.
• Document conversion.
• PDF conversion.
• Text file conversion.
• Indexing and archiving.

Contact Capital Typing today to discover how we can help with all your data entry and data conversion needs. We are not an average data entry company. Our Data Entry and Market Research Services Department are just one of our five office support solution services departments. Please continue to browse through our website to see how we can offer integrated solutions to all your office support needs.