Conference Call Transcription Services

We are proud to offer a full, turnkey conference call and transcription system, which is affordable and easy to use. Using our proprietary Dictation Telephone Recording System, clients are able to conduct and record conferences with any number of participants. The audio comes straight to us as soon as the conference is completed, and we get to work producing the transcript. It’s a great value!

The recording system can be accessed from any phone. Participants dial a toll-free number and enter a unique code for access to the call. 

A unique feature, which makes our conference call recording service better (and smarter) than the competition, is that our system tags the speakers so that transcriptionists always know who is speaking. This means that even with a large number of active participants, such as during extensive Q and A periods, no matter what, we can always keep track and label speakers correctly in the transcript. As far as we know, no other conference call transcription service possesses this feature. It allows us to produce a significantly better quality transcript.