Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment refers to the process of improving an existing database by adding to it, to produce a more meaningful and informative database. There are a few key steps involved:

• First, we analyze the data to understand its function in the business process, as well as how related data is organized in terms of availability. This helps us understand what data enrichments are possible, and the feasibility of those options. 
• Next, we design systems and processes for the data enrichment project itself, which can be one-time or ongoing, depending on client needs.

We have designed cutting edge tools to facilitate data enrichment, using the existing data set as a starting point to help us navigate external data sets in order to identify the best strategies for updating the data. Cost analysis of data entry projects is built into the process so that stakeholders can quickly determine project viability and expected cost. 

Capital Typing delivers an end-to-end, turnkey solution for outsourcing your data enrichment needs. We will manage and maintain your data sets, through data cleansing, monitoring, updates, and ongoing data entry as needed.