Data Cleansing

We understand that your data needs to be correct and reliable. This is why data cleansing is built into every data entry solution we design. Data validation to ensure consistency of standards is a vital aspect of any data entry project.

Standard strategies for data cleansing include:

• Deduplication of records.
• Automated validation through identifying standards and norms, and using machine scripts to sift through data running vast numbers of comparisons and confirmations.
• Human spot checks and reviews.
• Identifying weak spots where human error may occur and developing strategies specifically to mitigate those risks.
• Verification of data by comparison against alternative, independent sources. 
• Flagging systems, which identify possible red flags, which may indicate a human error. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the human review process by allowing targeted reviews.

A large part of what makes our data entry solutions so reliable and our accuracy levels so high is that we understand the fine art of building data cleansing protocols into our solutions. 

Quality assurance and cleansing procedures should be executed at the perfect moment during the process, to ensure that errors are caught early on. This is why our data cleansing solutions are designed to be customizable and responsive.