Indexing and Archiving Services

Outsourcing your indexing and archiving data entry and data management requirements to Capital Typing will ensure that your important paper-based and other analog-based data is digitized and stored reliably and intelligently so that you can easily incorporate that data into your business processes in any number of downstream processes.

Indexing and archiving involve carefully designed search analysis, based on a deep understanding of the possible roles that the data may play within your various business processes, present and future. This begins with an analysis and review of your operations to understand how your organization currently uses data, and how you can benefit from new data that will be made available during the digitization processes. 

We also pay attention to the importance of identifying points of entry, where the ability to access data may produce an advantage for your personnel, to make them more productive, as well as streamlining communications and collaboration within your organization.

Capital Typing brings to the table deep experience and knowledge of the technological resources required for the long term, secure, and fast access storage of your company’s vital records. We are familiar with HIPAA compliance for personal data, and the most stringent data security measures to ensure that your data is always protected. Outsourcing your indexing and archiving to us will ensure that your important data is put to work for your company in the most effective way, and is handled professionally, and securely throughout every transaction.