Optical Character Recognition Typing Services

At Capital Typing, we make a point of staying on top of developments in technology, which support the business process in general, and back-end office solutions in particular. Nowadays, we are seeing significant improvements in OCR technology, and of course, we have implemented that technology into our typing services. We have created smart ways to integrate OCR into our typing services, so that we are able to complete typing projects for our clients faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality. 

OCR integration is a nice challenge because while the OCR technology processes a large volume of typing very quickly at a good quality, the quality is unreliable, and you never know when it will fail. Smart OCR solutions are about building OCR technology into a larger framework designed to integrate that core technology with other elements of smart typing service process design, such as:

• Validation strategies to programmatically identify possible errors.
• Spell check and grammar check to flag possible errors.
• Customizable memories to train the automatic review process to recognize that certain words and phrases are to be expected, based on the content, and that others will be less likely, and should be more easily flagged as possible errors.
• Integration of human review processes, so that human beings can review and correct any content that is not right.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for integrating OCR and other technologies along with human typing to create the best typing service. But our approach has been to create an adaptive, customizable solution, which we can adjust to your unique needs. Depending on the requirements of your project, we will develop the perfect solution to get your work done to meet accuracy, formatting, and all other specifications. 

There is also no one way to manage documentation in an organization, because the way your documents are organized needs to reflect your business process so that those processes will be able to create, edit, and access files quickly and easily. We are experts at setting up secure, cloud-based documentation strategies that meet the highest, most stringent requirements for confidentiality of personal data, for security during sharing, control over access, and other standards for enterprise-grade file management systems.

Our goal is to design fully integrated, comprehensive BPO solutions for our clients. When it comes to typing services, and specifically the use of OCR, it means we need to customize our adaptive strategies and OCR-based software to correspond with your business process. OCR needs to be implemented at just the right time, to provide those results, and then on top of that, we add the other processes, which transform OCR output into the desired level of quality for your various document operations. This means that processes, where high volume and fast turnarounds are more important, can have a stronger emphasis on OCR results, whereas output, where accuracy and value-added functions such as data tagging and indexing are more important, can be processed differently. You get all options available to you, and the ability to integrate the right process at each point in your process, without creating limitations or restrictions on what else is possible.