Data Extraction Services

Data extraction is the process of extracting data from operational and outside sources and preparing the source data for data processing or data storage. Data extraction usually involves extracting data from unstructured or semi-structured electronic documents, like websites, for example. Data extraction is followed by data conversion (Excel data conversion, Access data conversion, etc.).

There is an increasing wealth of information available on the internet today. Using it effectively requires data research, data extraction, data integration, data testing, and data summarization. Businesses, professionals, and private individuals often find that the critical information they need is difficult to locate. Once the required data is located, its incompatible formats make it difficult to use effectively.

Capital Typing’s data entry and market research specialists are qualified to undertake all these tasks for customers who require data accuracy, quick turnaround time, and affordability. We can take care of all your data management needs so you can concentrate on more mission-critical processes. Just tell our expert data extraction and data entry project managers what information you want to get, where you want to search, and how you would like the data formatted. The efficient data processing staff at Capital Typing will do all the work (data extraction, data conversion, and data entry) and send the results directly to you.

Capital Typing has earned a reputation as a leading data entry and market research outsourcing company in the U.S. because we provide a complete set of integrated office support solutions in addition to our Data Entry and Market Research Services. We are not simply another data entry company outsourcing data services. Our expert data entry and data processing staff can work together with our Language Translation Services Department to meet all your foreign language data extraction requirements, for example. The possibilities are endless, and we are confident that we can fulfill all of your operation’s data management and market research needs.

We use the same proven and cost-effective methods for all our projects, large or small, and deliver consistent, accurate, and cost-effective results every time. Contact us today.