Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has revolutionized the data entry industry over the past few years. Our company is proud to be a leader in devising and implementing best practices for how companies integrate this powerful technology into their data entry operations.

Smart use of OCR for data entry projects is all about our motto of smart people and smart machines working together. We customize our solutions based on client specifications to understand how best to put the technology to use for your project. And no two projects are the same. We consider:

• Volume requirements. 
• Accuracy specifications.
• Type, quality, and consistency of source material.

The core function of OCR technology is fast, automated character recognition. Machines can process large volumes of images quickly, converting them into electronic data. Our goal in developing the best solutions for using OCR in our data entry projects is to make use of this advantage.

However, although technology has advanced significantly over the years and continues to advance, there are limitations on the quality of the result. Cost is also a concern as the best OCR tools are billed according to the volume of usage.

Our solutions are designed to extract the benefits of OCR but to mitigate the risk inherent with machine processing by utilizing human oversight and quality assurance. This is an art, which when handled right allows our clients to cut costs and reduce project work time considerably. We integrate human data entry typists with OCR through custom project management solutions designed specifically for data entry, and easily configured to just about any project specification.