Data Conversion Services

Organizations and businesses today do not only need data entry services, they also require data conversion services to make their constantly growing databases more accessible by converting data into different formats. Data conversion allows businesses and companies to convert data into simpler, more accessible formats, to be used across several platforms. Business processes generate huge amounts of data and information that needs to be made readily available to decision-makers.

Although large companies with complex system requirements and multiple data formats stand to benefit the most from data conversion services, even Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from these services. What matters is the conversion process, not data volume.

Using modern technology and highly skilled professionals, Capital Typing can convert your unstructured data, no matter how voluminous. We provide data conversion from one media to another, as well as conversion of digitized data from one electronic format to another. Data conversion facilitates proper documentation and makes it easier to store, maintain and access data and information in the desired format.

Data conversion can help to:
– Structure and digitize information
– Improve usability and accessibility
– Simplify complex and voluminous data into intelligent information
– Efficiently store and preserve data for future requirements
– Clean-up of data

At Capital Typing, we provide comprehensive data conversion services to pharmaceutical companies, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, law firms, e-commerce sites, and countless other industries. Our data conversion services include:
– Automated Indexing
– Manual Indexing
– Full-Text OCR Indexing
– Business/Accounting Record Data Conversion
– Brochure/Catalog
– Technical and Service Manual Data Conversion
– Contract Data Conversion
– Books
– Research Material
– Educational Material Data Conversion
– Litigation Support Data Conversion
– Document Data Conversion Services
– Document Preparation
– Coding Assembly Unitization
– Document Scanning Indexing
– Electronic or Manual Bates Numbering
– Image Processing and Clean-Up
– Image Stamping
– Electronic Data Discovery
– Database Management Services
– Custom Database Reporting
– PDF Conversion Services
– Class Action Mailing Services
– Class Response Processing Services

Our data conversion services adhere to a rigorous multi-level system of quality assurance checks, and we use various technological and procedural security measures in each step of the process, ensuring that our clients’ data remain secure. Final output is delivered through FTP. Contact Capital Typing’s Data Entry and Market Research department now to enquire about our data conversion services. We are a BPO company with an unwavering focus on customer needs, and we will make every effort to answer all your questions. You may also obtain an instant free quote for your data conversion needs. Our pricing options are customized for different types of client requirements and offer unparalleled cost advantages.