Data Mining Services


Data mining is a type of data processing that uses artificial intelligence techniques (sophisticated data search capabilities and advanced statistical tools) to reveal trends, patterns and correlations buried in large databases, that can be used to predict future behavior.

The difference between data mining and traditional data analysis is that traditional data analysis uses a verification approach. The user first develops a hypothesis and then uses the data to test its validity. Data mining uses a discovery approach, employing advanced tools to examine a number of data relationships and discover previously unknown data patterns and relationships. Data mining is increasingly common in private and public sectors. Some sectors that can benefit from data mining are:
– Insurance and banking industries use data mining to detect fraud and for risk assessment purposes;
– Medical facilities and schools use data mining to help predict the usefulness of medical products or procedures;
– Pharmaceutical companies use data mining on genetic material and chemical compounds to help guide research on new medical treatments;
– Retail businesses use data mining (analyzing available data to predict effective product selection decisions etc.);
– In both the public and private sectors, data mining is used for measuring and improving program performance.
– Successful data mining requires the input of skilled data analysts who can correctly interpret the data output created. Data quality represents one of the biggest challenges of data mining, and data testing is very important to make sure that the analyzed data is accurate and complete.

Data mining can be a powerful tool for improving your business operations. To get the most out of it, however, it is not enough to depend on automated data mining software. Expert data management skills (particularly data transformation and data testing) are needed to transform raw data into information upon which your business can act.

The Data Entry Services and Market Research Department at Capital Typing can help businesses ? their existing databases to obtain the information they need. Useful business information is buried in your business’s database. We can help you make use of this data.

We are an internationally acclaimed outsourcing company providing state-of-the-art data entry, data processing, data management and market research services as well as a complete range of office support solutions. Our data processing experts give personalized attention to each data mining project they handle. They define the customer’s goal, select the data accordingly, use advanced data analysis techniques to undertake the data mining process, test data quality; and build a data mining model that can be incorporated into decision support systems or into existing systems. Call us today.