Data Processing Services

Data Processing is a critical component of database management. It serves to give a user-friendly, computer friendly and business friendly interface to data. Data Processing is what transforms raw data into information.

Effective, accurate Data Processing requires time, effort and extreme precision, and many businesses, industries and organizations need Data Processing services of one kind or another to maintain competitive effectiveness. Good data processing will save you immense amounts of time and money, while helping you to make your products and services better. In this world where information is so important, it is absolutely critical for your business or organization to have access to an effective data processing solution.

Fewer and fewer businesses have data processing capabilities in-house, and a growing number prefer to outsource all, or part, of their data processing requirements to professional data processing service providers.

Capital Typing’s Data Entry and Market Research department employs a staff of excellent data processing professionals with extensive knowledge, multi-industry experience and vast resources, enabling us to provide flexible and reliable data processing services that never compromise when it comes to accuracy and timely execution. Our data processing clients represent numerous industries (business professionals, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare facilities …). We provide comprehensive, customized data processing services, from data entry to data mining, including:
– Data Cleansing services
– Image Processing services
– Word Processing
– Data Cleansing
– OCR /ICR Clean-up processing services
– Survey Processing services
– Data Translation services
– Data Coding services
– Data Processing
– Data Summarization services
– Data Aggregation services
– Data Validation services
– Data Tabulation services
– Statistical Analysis of data
– Computer graphics services
– Data Mining services

Aided by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and trained professionals, state-of-the-art technology and advanced multi-industry experience, we have earned an enviable reputation for quality, efficiency and timeliness in providing data processing services to customers from a wide variety of industries ranging from retail companies and finance corporations to the hotel industry.