Date Posted :   30/07/2020
Job Number :   0002202
Schedule :   Full Time / Part Time

Details of Opportunity

  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Full or part time

To Apply

Send CV, test transcription sample, and salary requirements to Be sure to include Skype details. All attachments should be word documents.

Test Instructions

  • Select any popular SaaS product.
  • Imagine a new SaaS product, which competes in the same space, with the same features, more or less, but our brand concept and marketing idea is more about customization, where we create custom solutions for our clients, based on a core model, as opposed to a one size fits all model. So this is our UVP, but the features are the same more or less as that popular SaaS product you chose.
  • Create an article, which introduces the way how that product integrates with other related software. Your article should include:
    • Awareness of our branding/marketing message.
    • We can feel that this article fits into a bigger website, overall, not a stand-alone. - Solid knowledge of features.
    • Technical awareness of the value of integration.
    • Directed towards business users, focusing on solving problems for them 250-350 words.